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 Introduction Rules

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PostSubject: Introduction Rules   Thu May 28, 2009 4:13 am

When introducing yourself please make a new topic and create your character page with your characters Name as the title. Introductions are about your Role-playing character. If you do not want to create one please post in the "OOC Introduction Page"

You can of course edit your character anytime. Main characters such as Naruto, Sakura, etc. will have a page set up to view who's who. If you notice a character is not taken and you want it please make a post in the appropriate topic.

You will still have to make a character introduction of the character you are.

If the character you want is already taken then you will have to pick a new one or make an OC (Original Character) We can't have Two Kazekages running around.

Also please keep OC's realistic. Can't have a bunch of Godly Uchiha's running around seeing as the clan's gone.
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Introduction Rules
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